7 Oct 14
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Unfortunately, my parents are going to get him declawed. I tried to talk to them that I think it's cruel, and they just called me weird. I don't want my kitten to suffer. I was asking though, because Koa is going to be an indoor cat(Ragdolls are too docile for the outside, but you most likely know that anyways) Opinions? (2/2)embreeon

I would say help educate them on the effects of declawing. Show them the infographic and other articles about declawing or the Paw Project documentary. The effects of declawing are pretty extensively documented / most shelters won’t let someone adopt a cat if they plan on declawing.

1 Oct 14
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hi steve today i saw a psa where it reminded never to put adoption ads up "for free", and i was just wondering if you checked homes before fostering/adopting out? because there is a risk of animals going free to dog or other animal fighting ringsyungshinj

Hello friend.

Yes I always interview people and get a feel for their level of familiarity with cat care-taking. So far it’s been a lot of couples with cool jobs and personal friends and once in a while they still send me photos.

I also think to some extent my blog selects against the dog-fighting type, but it definitely crossed my mind.

Thanks for looking out!

21 Sep 14
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Sunkist eating some Blue Buffalo cat cereal


Pardon the infrequent uploads. I’m currently on route to Beijing to see family but have potentially hit a snag traveling through Prague.

For all the cat foster parents out there, please use the submit button on top if you want to publicize the adoption status of any of your cats. Please try to submit high resolution photos with good lighting for the sake of quality control.


10 Sep 14
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aka the good, the bad, and the fluffy

Music Credit: “Wild West Duel” by Stephano Sacchi
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4 Sep 14
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Kitten plays in her sleep

2 Sep 14
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Kitten working hard after labor day

29 Aug 14
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LiveLeak: Kittens conspire to beat up on defenseless box tape (caught…on tape)