21 Sep 14
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Sunkist eating some Blue Buffalo cat cereal


Pardon the infrequent uploads. I’m currently on route to Beijing to see family but have potentially hit a snag traveling through Prague.

For all the cat foster parents out there, please use the submit button on top if you want to publicize the adoption status of any of your cats. Please try to submit high resolution photos with good lighting for the sake of quality control.


10 Sep 14
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aka the good, the bad, and the fluffy

Music Credit: “Wild West Duel” by Stephano Sacchi
Buy the track here: 

4 Sep 14
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Kitten plays in her sleep

2 Sep 14
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Kitten working hard after labor day

29 Aug 14
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LiveLeak: Kittens conspire to beat up on defenseless box tape (caught…on tape)